Novelty Cane Art, established since 1982. The nature of our business is manufacturing and supplying of cane furniture and cane item; wooden based cane furniture's and other item of cane and Bamboo. We are biggest manufacturer of cane furniture and items having many business places in Mumbai.
We have our own patterns and designs. Cane is a gift from nature's countless bounties, it is inconceivably metamorphosed from a non-descript climbing palm stem to a tool to embellish your dream about an aesthetic expression of your lifestyle. Extracted from the dense forest of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Assam and Karnataka, each stem is converted into a quality cane through stringent scientific and traditional processes, only to get molded into the finest of furniture by our skilled craftsmen. Great care is taken over every item produced by Novelty Cane Art.
After careful assembly each piece is followed by a rigid process: sanding, staining, sealing, further sanding and lacquering, this answers a tough and desirable finish to a well made piece of furniture that will last for many years. They are light weight, and zero maintenance and economical. It can be shifted easily and without damage. we undertake the interiors work of cane furniture for Homes,office, Resorts, Restaurants-Bar, Hotel, Coffee shops, bungalows, flats etc. We have our own work shop and a team of skilled labors.

Our manufactured products are very strong and durable because good workmanship is most important part in any cane furniture making apart from raw material which we specialize in that is why our manufactured products generally lasts up to 10+ years.

Easy to maintain with zero maintenance cost just by dusting and cleaning it with a damp cloth or simply clean with vacuum cleaner. wipe dry

The product is manually finished using top quality varnish. Generally the polish lasts for 2 or more years after then it can be re polished anytime depending upon your choice. Re polishing and repairing work is undertaken by us.

As it is natural cane and hand crafted piece, each piece will have slight difference in shape, size and color(shade) , hence each product is unique. natural dis alignment or color difference in various spots is possible depending upon the base natural color of the raw material used. color tone may vary from what is seen in the picture color shade may be dark or light.

Cushion comes in assorted colors, color of the cushion may vary largely, cushion is not washable, it is filled with mix cotton and synthetic fiber and fabric is also mix of cotton and synthetic material. customers can make a loose cover for the cushion as per their choice of fabric which will be washable.

CANE is very different from BAMBOO. bamboo is hollow from inside, it does not bends and can catch white ants or termite. whereas cane is solid and can be bent in any shape by heating and does not catch white ants or termite hence it is more durable than bamboo and is completely different from bamboo.

Within 10 to 15 days after confirming order. The delivery is made.

We have many more varieties in all furniture and accessories on display in our showroom.
More designs are manufactured continuously and also as per order.
We also undertake any repairs job in cane, wicker, nylon wire weave and bamboo furniture.
All rates are subject to change without prior intimation.
All furniture is minimum 15 years durability.
All furniture is with 2 years maintenance warranty.
All furniture with cotton cushion and glass top.
All bed prices are without mattress.